Sunday, October 18, 2009

Where is the Church Militant?

Where is The Church Militant? Sometimes it seems she is silent.  Sometimes the army of God has fled in terror.  Sometimes we do not see the Church because we are the ones who have fled in terror.  We are in terror of being alone.  We are in terror of following God and being the only one who has done so . When, one by one, our loved ones turn away from God, the power of that momentum is difficult to resist.  We do not want to stay here alone.  We know we are not up to the task of showing Christ's light by ourselves.

Some of us have come from a time where all our family, friends and neighbors were Catholic, to a time where none of them are.  What world have we woken up in?  What have we done?

Sometimes we feel alone.  The Church Triumphant is all we have.